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At Vaughn Wealth, our firm has spent the past 40 years assisting clients on the road to fulfilling their life goals. How much do I need to save to retire? How much income will my investments produce? Will it be enough for me to live on? What if I outlive my spouse? All these questions have answers. We provide solutions.

With wealth management experience in financial planning, tax and estate planning, law, insurance, and investments, our team of advisors is equipped with the expertise to offer the unique solutions you need. Our experience and process help our clients work toward their retirement goals using strategies that withstand both good and bad markets.  Markets can be unpredictable but your retirement planning doesn't have to be.

Does your current portfolio match your personal risk number?

We offer a valuable Tool for Prospects—a risk assessment—that will calculate a personalized risk number for you.

Please complete the brief form below to gain complimentary access. The tool will create a customized report that will be sent to you. We will never share or sell your information.




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Meet the Team

Whether you are investing to build wealth, protect your family, or preserve your assets, we can help take some of the mystery out of preparing for your financial future.

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Retirement Planning

Are you ready for retirement? We offer qualified assistance to pursue your objectives.

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Investment Strategies

You can access your account information anytime, day or night. We encourage you to contact us when you have questions about your portfolio.

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